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Like a permanent sticker for your apparel


Vinyl Heat Transfer is the answer to any customized apparel project. By using a special vinyl and printing onto garments using heat and pressure, this process is one of the least expensive, yet high quality, options for custom apparel with a quick turnaround.  


What's the difference between Screen Printing and Vinyl Heat Transfer?

With Vinyl Heat Transfer, the custom image or design is printed onto a special vinyl paper and adhesive. That image or design is then cut, weeded and heat applied onto the garment, like a sticker!  

Screen Printing is a more 'traditional' process that involves creating a stencil or screen, and then using that screen to apply layers of ink onto the garment. Each color needed is applied using a different screen, one at a time, to achieve the final design. Screen printing is a much more laborious process and requires a lot of preparation before printing


Vinyl Heat Transfer at TRIO Sports

At TRIO Sports, Vinyl Heat Transfer is generally the best method to use on any kind of garment. While it is especially great to use on waterproof or technical garments where sublimation is not possible and screen printing is not desired, Vinyl Heat Transfer is a great option for any customized apparel projects of any size. Similar to screen printing, Vinyl Heat Transfer will eventually flake off, but it typically does last longer. This technique might also slightly impede the breathability of a technical garment, unlike sublimation, which does not.

We use two different types of Vinyl Heat Transfer methods at TRIO Sports:

One uses our in-house specialized inkjet printer that prints our custom designs onto vinyl paper and is then heat applied to an adhesive paper before applying to the garment. This option is great for small quantity projects that need a quick turnaround. 

The other uses a 'screen printed' transfer using silkscreen technology with high quality, durable plastisol inks. These designs are 'screen printed' onto release papers and then heat applied to the garments using our in-house, professional heat presses. This option is great for any quantity project and is designed to be super high quality and have a much longer life than screen printing or the option above.

There can be a setup fee for Vinyl Heat Transfer depending on design needs and size of project. If you don't have your own artwork or need your artwork edited, we are happy to create some awesome designs for your team or business for an additional fee. Give us a call or shoot us an email to ask about a cost estimate for Vinyl Heat Transfer.


Requirements for Vinyl Heat Transfer

– Vector artwork (.ai files, .pdf files or .eps files) if you have your own artwork

– Around 1-4 week lead time for design, production and shipping (depending on which method you choose, size of order, design needs and other factors)