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A durable and classic look for custom apparel


Embroidery is the process of using needle and thread to create great all-around customized gear. It works on just about any garment, but is most commonly used for hats, polos, jackets and bags. It is extremely durable and has a clean, classic appearance.

Embroidery example

You Might Already Know The Difference Between Embroidery And Print...

...but, here are a few things to consider when trying to decide whether to embroider or print your new customize apparel or accessories.

– Sometimes printing onto certain types of apparel or accessories is really difficult or altogether not possible. That's where embroidery comes into play. Are you looking for custom hats, bags or jackets?

– Printing allows for more detailed artwork, textured looks, and shading and gradients to be printed onto a garment. Embroidery allows for simple designs to be placed in difficult places. Do you want your logo or design in a special place or used as a design embellishment?

– Another thing to consider is cost. Of course it depends on the artwork, size of project and a few other factors. But embroidery is typically a bit more expensive. Are you looking for custom shirts or hoodies? Let's use Vinyl Heat Transfer! Are you look for custom hats? Let's embroider!


Embroidery at TRIO Sports

At TRIO Sports, Embroidery is a great all-around method for just about any type of garment or accessory. It is important to note, however, that depending on the garment, Embroidery (which punctures the garment with a needle) can compromise waterproof properties of waterproof or water resistant garments in the localized area of the design. We can place a waterproof barrier on the back of the embroidery for an additional charge if necessary.

With Embroidery, there is a one-time fee to digitize your artwork into an Embroidery friendly file type. This fee varies depending on the complexity of the logo or design and the thread count. If you don't have your own artwork or logo, we are happy to create some awesome designs for your team or business for an additional fee. Give us a call or shoot us an email to ask about a cost estimate for Embroidery.


Requirements for Embroidery

– Digitized artwork (.dst file) if you happen to already have one (if you do already have a .dst file, we will try to work with that and you would not be subject to the one-time fee)

– Around 2-4 week lead time for design, digitization, production and shipping