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With Digital Garment Printing, any design our customers want can be quickly and professionally printed directly onto the garment. Like an inkjet printer, this technique allows you to print any color and design imaginable, making it a perfect choice for full-color print jobs.


What's the difference between Screen Printing and Digital Garment Printing?

To put it simply, Digital Printing is a newer process that involves your artwork being processed on the computer and then, using CMYK inks, the design is printed directly onto the surface of the garment. This is a great option for custom apparel and gear that has a lot of detail and colors.

Screen Printing is a more 'traditional' process that involves creating a stencil or screen, and then using that screen to apply layers of ink onto the garment. Each color needed is applied using a different screen, one at a time, to achieve the final design. Screen printing is a much more laborious process and requires a lot of preparation before printing.


Digital Garment Printing at TRIO Sports

At TRIO Sports, Digital Garment Printing is similar to dye sublimation. This technique is best to use when printing onto cotton garments. As described above, the process of Digital Garment Printing works much like an inkjet printer where the ink head of the printer moves horizontally over the print surface and directly prints the image or design into the surface of the garment.

With setup fees being minimal for Digital Garment Printing, it's a great option for smaller orders. If you don't have your own artwork or need your artwork edited, we are happy to create some awesome designs for your team or business for an additional fee. Give us a call or shoot us an email to ask about a cost estimate for Digital Garment Printing.


Requirements for Digital Garment Printing

– Printing onto white or light grey cotton apparel

– Vector artwork (.ai files, .pdf files or .eps files) if you have your own artwork

– Around 2-4 week lead time for design, production and shipping