TRIO Sportswear
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TRIO Sports has custom sailing gear, such as rash guards and pinnies/buoyancy covers, for club sailing, dingy sailing, yacht sailing, club sailing, scholastic sailing and more.



Just the way you want it! With all the logos and colors you could ask for! You guide us so we give you the custom gear you always wanted!



What makes TRIO a leader in our industry? Well firstly our different fit options gives our customers a choice, whether Athletic Fit or Regular Fit, which cater to different body types. This makes it easy for people to feel good about what they are wearing, who wants to wear a boxy baggy shirt? Nobody! Our products are super comfortable tried and tested. We use the highest quality recycled fabrics. Our attention to detail from cutting the fabric to printing using state of the art eco-friendly non polluting printing techniques that deliver a bold, colorful, rich looking product ready to be carefully packed and shipped to your door. We ensure that we are delivering our customers the custom quality product they are looking for. So stand out from the crowds! Join the movement and do your part by making the choice to invest in a cleaner future by taking a problem and turning it into a bright colorful, comfortable clothing solution for you and your team mates.

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